History & Overview

Sounding off from Louisville,Kentucky's underground hip hop scene,O-dawg has worked hard over the years to build one of hip hop's most needed recording labels,Tyma Hit Records.Some would argue him to be one of the most talented artist in the game because of his ability to fill so many shoes in the recording studio single handedly. Fully producing,writing,recording, mixing and mastering every song on all of his album's with extreme precision and utmost attention to quality, there is no doubt that he will earn the respect of professionals all over the world as a powerhouse of an artist.

To add to the already long list of musical gifts O-dawg possesses, he also plays an instrument made famous by the late Roger Troutman called the Talkbox. He displays and exhibits the craft packaged up with a blend of funk, r&b, and hip hop.While talkboxers are seemingly many on websites like youtube, nationally they are still very rare because of the sometimes frustrating learning curve encountered when trying to learn the instrument.

This is why many artist switch to similar sounding yet more simplistic effects like the vocoder, or the more popular pitch correction effect called auto tune,widely used by such artist as T-pain, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. While these effects all sound similar they are very much different.O-dawg maintains that the tube is the the only way for him. O-dawg prides himself on the fact that since he can control every aspect of the creation of his music, from the production all the way up to the mastering stage, he's able to maintain his signature sound more consistently from song to song than most.

Inspired by the West Coast hip hop sound of the late 80's and early 90's such as Mc Eiht,Celly Cel,Mac Mall,Eazy E,Spice 1,Too Short,Mac Dre,RBL Posse,Warren G,C-Bo, Ice Cube, E-40, N 2 Deep and so on, O-dawg has released two independent albums entitled "Real Talk Vol.1" and his latest release "Real Talk Vol.2 (Weapon Of Wisdom)" and is currently working on his next album entitled "Real Talk Vol.3 (Last Day Theory)".

He says, "The signature west coast sound I fell in love with is virtually non existent in the music of today because of the always evolving culture and style of hip hop,and the direction it's went in, so I wanted to recapture the essence of that sound from a fresh angel of approach". So get ready for a Tyma that u'll let the music speak for itself, and is fully capable and ready to show the world what he has to bring to the game. His name, is O-dawg!


O-dawg, a Louisville,Ky., based Writer /Rapper /Producer /Talkboxer storms the scene with a unique blend of Hip Hop, R&B and Spiritually driven music. With his years of experience he walks with a musical confidence that is well deserved. His music is connected to his spirituality, and real life experiences. He believes that people find strength in music they can relate to. His biggest musical influences are the best in the industry at what they do, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, the late Tupac Shakur and the late Roger Troutman. From the age of 11 O-dawg began to notice his passion for music as he began to write his own rap lyrics. After about 5 years of perfecting the craft he also realized he had a passion for producing as well. He put his first professional keyboard (Roland XP-50) on layaway at the age of 16 and struggled until it was paid for. His love for music has always driven him to sacrifice his own money for needed equipment, and as a result Tyma Hit Records was born. Wanting to learn as much as he could he also began to study the craft of mixing and mastering along side of one of Louisville's most respected mixing and mastering engineers, Dez Thompkins. With all of the different hats O-dawg can wear in the studio he still enjoys being a artist the most.

Years after he began to record his own music he realized a need for something different and unique to set him apart from other artist,so he began to study a instrument made famous by the late Roger Troutman known as the talkbox. As he began to master the instrument he began to utilize it more and more into his music as a lead instrument just as the late Roger Troutman did,and not just as an instrument only used as a accent, as by most other artist. The talkbox has become one with what he calls his signature sound.

O-dawg believes that music is his God given gift and not just something he does well at random. So as a result he uses his gift to create a balanced perspective of the negative and the positive world around him, while not compromising his own spirituality. So experience music in it's most realistic,balanced, up close, personal and intimate form, Experience O-dawg!

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